Why kurta set is the most preferable comfort for women?

Why kurta set is the most preferable comfort for women?

The Indian tradition of women’s wear is incomplete without Kurtis. Their presence in the women’s wardrobe has been for ages, the most important saree nut is more comfortable than the saree. Since then, it has played a very important part in the women’s fashion world. Its significance and presence just can’t get ignored with the modern fashion coming in. That’s why the relevance of Kurta sets is so prominent. Since cotton Kurtis has been popular for a very long time, designers have been introducing new trends to give this adaptable material some new life. Therefore, it is rare to encounter an Indian woman who does not own a cotton dupatta outfit. Why not, then? It is one of the easiest and most comfortable textiles to wear, and it is also stylish.

Designers are literally reinventing cotton to create contemporary suit sets for women, maxi dresses for women, Indo-era kurta sets, Anarkali kurta sets, and other clothing. But why are they so unique? Let's now talk about why cotton kurta sets, suits, or any other type of outfit are so beloved by ladies of all ages. We can all agree that cotton is one of the most reputable and reliable textiles in the fashion world.

Reasons to adore the Modern Kurtas

Universally Recognized

Ethnic clothing made of cotton is highly regarded. Therefore, people worldwide enjoy wearing cotton Kurtis, from young women going to the office to young girls going to college. Designers worldwide have submitted to this cloth and repeatedly replicated it into chic outfits to suit the fashion of shifting eras. Ethnic outfits and cotton Kurtis are readily available in the market today. This demonstrates how this fabric has become a well-known component of the various outfits that Indian women adore.

For being the most comfortable and Timeless

For being the most comfortable and go-to attire, kurtas have always been adored by women, be it of any age group. This traditional dress is the only one for women considered comfortable and easy to wear. However, rather than looking like a typical traditional attire, a Kurti set has this modern touch that was so adaptive to changing modern fashion, whether it be a colour texture, cotton material, or the procedure of making.

An entire generation of ladies went crazy about fashion at the time when the silver screen divas wore these blooming Kurti sets, and pop culture became fixated on it. However, since comfort and style have been passed down from generation to generation, this current generation's bold and self-assured personality has also found expression in contemporary Kurti sets. Such as cotton Kurti sets, Anarkali kurtas, Kurti Plazo sets, etc.


Women particularly enjoy cotton kurta sets since they are not only stylish but also incredibly durable. Unlike other textiles, a cotton-printed Anarkali kurta set doesn't disappoint you with a fading print. Kurtis made of cotton have vibrant colours that stick around far longer than you might anticipate. Additionally, because of the fabric's durability, even if you wear it frequently for a long time, it will take some time to get pale or lifeless.

Wide Range

The revolution in Kurti fashion began to add multiple varieties of Kurti sets from different regions of the country. Now they are well-recognized across the modern fashion industry. A few of the most famous are mentioned below.

  • Anarkali Kurti

    The enduring style that has been around since the Mughal-e-Azam period. The style gained popularity and got its name when Madhubala wore it while playing the role of Anarkali. The perfect blending of traditionalism, grace, and elegance. Anarkali Kurtis is ideal for all occasions, including formal gatherings, business clothing, casual wear, and college, and they flatter all body types. When it first came back on the fashion scene, it was seen with palazzos, slacks, skirts, and jeggings. Originally worn with leggings or churidar. The variations of the Anarkali, including the layered, Angrakha, front slit, side slit, etc., were approved and worn the same way as the original. The costume can be finished off with danglers, jhumkas, necklaces, handbags, slings, and other accessories. It's important to match your shoes to your outfit; the formal Anarkali looks great with heels, while the more casual ones look well with flats and sandals.

  • Kaftan Kurti

    They are the modern version of the Kurti, an essential piece of clothing for women today. Kaftan Kurtis are stylish and classy. They can be worn frequently and are adaptable, but they also exude cool, carefree air. Lovely summer attire is regularly seen at parties, summer beaches, vacations, etc. They can be worn as dresses and go well with jeans, jeggings, stockings, etc. The perfect jewelry to wear with them is typically a pair of hoops, but sunglasses, a sling bag, and a wooden kadha can also fill in the gaps. You can also wear different kinds of shoes, such as flats, heels, and others, depending on the situation.

  • Punjabi Kurti

    Punjabi salwars have long been a favorite among Indian ladies, but more recently, designers and worldwide celebrities have begun to take notice of them as well.
    Today, you can find a Punjabi suit in a high-end designer's boutique and a flea market or discount store. Modern Punjabi suit styles feature daringly cut halter-neck or sleeveless kameez, which are popular choices for a party dress and are regularly seen on television and in movies.

  • Long straight Kurti

    Today, there is a huge growth in demand for long Kurtis. Tall Kurtis looks great when paired with skinny jeans, straight pants, palazzos, tights, and dhoti pants. To complete the look, add an ethnic jacket. They form a terrific outfit when worn with skirts and are appropriate for brunches, daytime outings, and parties. Being both trendy and traditional, it is the ideal workplace attire. The complete style is improved by adding appropriate jewelry and bags as accessories. Numerous materials, including Mashru, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Viscose, Polyester, Crepe, and Georgette, are available for them. The Pakistani Kurti is a different style of long, straight Kurti that has traditional designs and needs to be more fitting. It complements jeans, jeggings, leggings, straight pants, skirts, and palazzos and has a more ethnic appearance. One can adorn the Pakistani Kurti with enormously sized rusted jewelry or cheap diamonds to maintain ethnicity.

  • Angrakha Kurti

    Fascinatingly, the royal court musicians wore Angrakha in ancient times. Two contrasting or similar flaps that lay on top of each other and are linked together at the side of the chest with the aid of Dori or straps make up this Kurta, which was worn like a jacket. To add even more sparkle, little Latkaan, tassels, or pom-poms are sewn onto the Kurta's Dori. Women now wear the trend nearly daily in the current world. For fantastic business or casual wear, pair the kurti with leggings or churidars. At formal gatherings and parties, the heavier version of the Anghrakha is typically worn with the proper jewelry and handbag. However, brightly colored Anghrakh Kurtis worn with pants, leggings, churidars, skirts, or palazzos are the most popular.
    Slings, purses, and potli bags accent an angrakha, and dangling earrings, expensive jewelry made of diamonds and gold, or unique rusted jewelry can finish the style. The Kurtis can be worn all year round because they are available in various fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Net, cotton, Chanderi, and silk.

  • Suitable For All Budgets

    The fact that cotton suits fit every pocket makes them significantly stand out among other types of suits. Cotton Kurtis for women is available in various reasonable price ranges to fit every budget, especially on the web market. Women have an incredible variety of cotton kurta sets or Kurtis to choose from thanks to their high demand. You can quickly browse your favorite print and pattern options to find the one that best fits you and your budget.


After reading this, you now understand why Indian ladies find it impossible to resist buying new cotton kurta sets for their wardrobes & Kaftanize is all about that. With our first-ever retail location, we are ready to provide you with the live experience and excitement of purchasing your favourite sets of cosy kurtas.

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